From Oltorf to Parmer, from Zilker Park to Balcones Woods, Austin’s VVV makes 2-step from the heart. Born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in Texas, USA, Shawhin Izaddoost first started making garage and house beats in 2003, on a computer in a recording studio office. Combining a variety of field recordings and sample editing formulas to form ambient, texture-laced beats, these musical ‘tests’ became a nightly tradition. VVV found himself spending odd hours of the day tweaking sounds and arranging shuffling rhythms for what would become his debut EP on Fortified Audio. Designed for clubbers and headphone listeners worldwide, VVV’s music betrays a deep love of experimental music in all its forms, and takes in a huge range of influences – from Arvo Pärt and Karlheinz Stockhausen to The Stooges and The Fall, from Sun Ra and Ornette Coleman to El-B and Burial.

12″ Projects EP on Fortified Audio (2010)
10″(red) Single on Tube 10 (2010)
2xLP Across the Sea on Fortified Audio (2011)