Abstract dance music is alive and well in Kentucky courtesy of Milyoo aka Tommy Wilson. Fast becoming the underground’s 17th most prolific producer, Milyoo has captured both hearts and minds with a consistently reliable yet unpredictable brew of deep and funky electronic jams. This unique style has garnered nods from some of electronic music’s most celebrated taste-makers, while his debut on Opit Records was chosen as one of Boomkat’s Top 100 Singles of 2010. Building on this success (and a plan to read dozens of self-help books), Milyoo looks poised to make big moves in the coming years.


Themework – Cold Busted Records×300.jpg
Dasein – Opit Records –
Kazaduon – Saigon Recordings –
Biogram v2 – West Norwood Cassette Library –
Archaeology – Opit Records –
Classic – Night Audio –