King Thing

The ethos of 27 year old KingThing is to constantly evolve his sound so that no listener will expect the same type of tune each time they hear one of his tracks – to be “king of no thing”, if you will. Ranging from swing tinged garage-esque beats all the way through to gnarly electro & techno leaning thumpers, KingThing’s worst fear is being put in a box.

After playing in bands of various types for much of his early teenage life, he became more and more intrigued by the nature of electronic music. Initially attracted by the fact that he was effectively “the band” on his own, the sounds and vibes that could be garnered from dance music were pointedly different to that of any previous ensembles he had been a part of. This new found love encouraged him to put the guitar to one side and immerse himself in anything electronic through a friendship group that were already that way inclined, which was initially breaks, acid techno, miami bass electro and a bit of drum ‘n’ bass.

In 2006 he moved to Leeds, and swayed back into the band world, culminating in a couple of slots at Glastonbury and supporting Florence & the Machines. However, living in Leeds and with all the bass heavy influences that came with the city, it wasn’t long before he was back on the beats, which eventually resulted in setting up Night Audio with housemate Submerse. The purpose of this was to try and create a medium of output for the abundance of garage and 2-step which had started to appear on the cusp of the dubstep world.

This new found love for swing led to him amalgamating the more techy aspects of his sound with the 2-step beat, and this resulted in Berlin-based Furioso releasing the Radiobeach EP, one of the tracks being featured in Sully’s FACT mix. This put KingThing into the minds of bass music world, leading to relatively new label Fortified Audio releasing the Mad Hatter EP in 2010, his first release on vinyl. This received support from prominent figures in the UK scene such as Jackmaster, Geiom, and Spatial, and resulted in shows around Europe & the UK. His sets have received acclaim for their variety and tune selection, never sticking to one specific genre.