DISTAL – Android Tourism EP

For ELIM009 we bring you a very special EP from Atlantan live wire Distal. Making his mark on the current underground scene with tracks such as “Grape Donut”, as featured on the Soul Jazz compilation Future Bass, the monstrous Crunk/Footwork mashup “Coke Bottle” on Grizzly, not to mention a plethora of top quality online mixes, his always quality Embassy label and bringing the cream of bass talent to his Sub Traction nights in Atlanta.
Distal brings more of his trademark melting-pot aesthetic to his first full EP 12″ for Fortified Audio. Squeezing the last 20 years of underground club music through his unique filter for “Android Tourism”, fusing together the percussion of classic Carl Craig/ Derrick May, the dark bass and lush melodies of Blue Note era Metalheadz and the tight production of Artwork with the energy and freshness of new hybrid genres ala Future Garage, UK Funky and Footwork. Although Distal’s productions are at their best when played through a serious soundsystem, little is lost in the transition to home speaker system or headphones, and the nature of Distal’s music make it more than just fodder for the dancehall. Nonetheless, you’ll sure-as-shit be hearing this behemoth EP at parties across the globe when it drops this spring. Indeed with a whole heap of 12″s set to drop this year, we are pretty confident Distal is going to be all up in everyones grill by 2012.