XXXY – Every Step Forward EP

XXXY – EVERY STEP FORWARD E.P 12” & DIGITAL Released Sep 2010 (ELIM005)

A.This Much

AA. Just For Me

B. Turn


First non debut release features our old friend XXXY from Manchester. Four epic tracks of high-tech, swinging house goodness that will choke your emotions.

King Thing – Mad Hatter EP

KING THING – MAD HATTER E.P 12” & DIGITAL Released Oct 2010 (ELIM004)


AA. Bump

B. Mad Hatter

BB. Neglect Me

Available in all good online stores.

Night Audio boss King Thing drops his very first release on wax, and every track is a certified club banger. London swing, raw chi-town off the wall gritty madness and hands in the air vocal breakdown’s converge with bumping analougue basslines, two for the girls, two for the boys totals four for the dance.

Cosmic Revenge – Cold Hearted EP


A. Hurricane Blues

AA. Mutations

B. Cold Hearted

B.B. Late Nights
COSMIC REVENGE’s first E.P. Still available in all good online stores.

Richly varied 4 tracker tackling mutant bongo funk, steam drenched, atmospheric 2step, broken jazzy drum entanglements, and sleazy talkbox gansta half step, all wrapped in a THC haze, straight outta San Fran.

VVV – The Projects EP

VVV – THE PROJECTS E.P 12” & DIGITAL Released Apr 2010 (ELIM002)

A. Project Z

AA. Back to Life

B. Project Y

BB. Project x

VVV’s first E.P. sold out on first pressing, but you can still cop the digital in all good online stores.

Four tracks of dreamy, heartbroken electronics meet with driving 2-step syncopations, all the way from Austin Texas.

Loops Haunt – Rubber Sun Grenade EP


A. Rubber Sun Grenade

AA. Proton Pack

B. Huarache

BB. Dusk Mechanics (Samoyed Remix)

Loops Haunts first E.P. sold out on first pressing, but you can still cop the digital in all good online stores.

Three tracks of devastating, crunchy machine funk that sound like nothing else on this planet, with a Samoyed remix that sounds like Carl Craig tackling uk funky. No lie.

Submerse Mecha EP

A.Submerse Mecha
AA.Submerse – Searching
B.Submerse & Resketch – Fruit Salad
BB.Submerse – I Can

Hailing from Cheshire, Submerse is an esteemed DJ/producer with a distinct and recognisable sound that traverses two-step, garage, bassline and funky whilst being punctuated by a myriad of unique and personal influences.

The 4 tracks on offer here are probably his strongest to date, ranging from the demented bassline bounce of Mecha to the blessed out, yearning garage of Searching and I Can, via the arcade game tropicalia of Fruit Salad, co produced with partner Resketch.

Jamie Grind Footwork EP

A1. Footwork
A2. Saw the Light (with Hackman)
B1. Without You
B2. Now you Know

First full E.P. from Infrasonics man Jamie Grind see’s him weld the juke/footwork style to garage vocal edits, team up with Hackman to produce a classy house bumper AND throw a charging U.R. meets 2step end of set epic into the bag. Comes in lush yellow vinyl, and is wrapped in original sleeve art from

Supported by Todd Edwards, 2562, Brodinski, Marcus Nasty, Pariah, Falty DL, Whistla, C.R.S.T, Ben UFO, Shortstuff, Julio Bashmore, Cosmin TRG, George Fitzgerald LuckyMe, Submerse, Ramadanman, Mark Pritchard Grevious Angel, Secret Agent Gel, Sonic Router & Spam Chop, there are only a few copies of this floating around now so if you got one feel privaleged.

Mr Mitch – Centre Court EP

Grime kingpin Mr Mitch with two tracks of turbo charged instrumental grime, and two tracks of plaintive, melodic instrumental grime, as featured on Elijah & Skilliam’s rinse cd. Check out the clips…

Milyoo – Ro Shampo EP

We’ve been sitting on this for a couple of years now, and it hasn’t dated one bit. 6 tracks of Milyoo’s finest sonic skullduggery, that we feel are the finest he’s ever produced. Housed in a sleeve designed by Glasgow’s very own Hektor Ruiz. Clips coming soon.

214 Plastic Spokes EP

The first Fortified release of 2012 has Seattle veteran 214 merging his classic electro style with current UK bass flavours to create a tantalising 4 track EP and is already receiving support from Boddika, Girl Unit, Addison Groove, Bok Bok, Braiden, Dexter, Patrick Pulsinger, Speedy J and Appleblim. His Puerto Rican birthright and Miami upbringing have brought together a myriad of styles which epitomizes his sound. “Here We Stand” uses a vocal sample from King Of Tomorrow’s “Finally”, pitches it up and mangles it around a luminescent sound bed of glistening pads and squealing sine tones before letting the whole thing fall apart and breakdown into a simple but addictive bass and drum hook. A complex and highly potent formula from a true studio chemist. “Ridin Wit Yo Plastic Spokes” is discordant and corrosive, lashings of acid eating away at the track, compromising its weak frame and allowing the tough bass to penetrate through. Mind-bending and experimental, and showing a real sophistication behind the controls, the track is sure to prick the ear’s of non-bass music lovers with its sheer production prowess. “Antarctica” begins with ice-cold synth washes and deep atmospherics before a low-slung electro-infused groove comes careering over the top. The emotive chord progressions and key changes meld beautifully with the tough aggressive beats and robotic sound effects. Finally “First Chair” concludes in suitably epic form. If this had Keiran Hebden or Joy Orbison on the production credits we’d probably sell 1000 copies, but hey! … don’t sleep on this one though. Completely new, futuristic and heartfelt. A proper end-of-night anthem for modern dancefloors.”

Nightwave – Festivus EP

Frank Costanza’s bizzare holiday invention and famous quote “Festivus for the rest of us”, is the inspiration behind Seinfeld-obsessed Nightwave’s 4th EP. The title track is a club centred drum’n'arp frenzy, whilst ‘Jeff the dolphin’ ventures more into the tropical grimey waters. ‘Jazz312′ marries juke with live drum, Rhodes and trumpet samples laced with leaned-out vocals and finally ‘Heart Bit’ entwines chopped up computer sounds and 8-bit synths into a techy-dancehall rhythm.

VVV Across the Sea LP

From the unlikely bass music hotspot of Austin, Texas, the mighty VVV returns to Fortified Audio with his strongest material yet in the form of his – and the label’s – debut album. If you slept on the Projects EP we released in 2010, now’s the time to get acquainted with the dynamic progressive garage that’s garnered praise from the likes of Martyn and Oneman. While still giving nods to the classic sounds of Ghost, early Tempa and vintage Dem-2 productions, Across The Sea updates these formats with deep and futuristic synth work, subtle but weighty basslines and precision rhythms that mark VVV out as one of the most formidable producers working in the crowded field of bass music. This time around it’s not only the future sounds of London that are present, but also the ghosts of classic Chicago house, Richard D James-esque electronica and an ethereal contemporary soul sound. Across The Sea showcases the strongest work to date from a guy we consider to be one of the best in the game.

DISTAL – Android Tourism EP

For ELIM009 we bring you a very special EP from Atlantan live wire Distal. Making his mark on the current underground scene with tracks such as “Grape Donut”, as featured on the Soul Jazz compilation Future Bass, the monstrous Crunk/Footwork mashup “Coke Bottle” on Grizzly, not to mention a plethora of top quality online mixes, his always quality Embassy label and bringing the cream of bass talent to his Sub Traction nights in Atlanta.
Distal brings more of his trademark melting-pot aesthetic to his first full EP 12″ for Fortified Audio. Squeezing the last 20 years of underground club music through his unique filter for “Android Tourism”, fusing together the percussion of classic Carl Craig/ Derrick May, the dark bass and lush melodies of Blue Note era Metalheadz and the tight production of Artwork with the energy and freshness of new hybrid genres ala Future Garage, UK Funky and Footwork. Although Distal’s productions are at their best when played through a serious soundsystem, little is lost in the transition to home speaker system or headphones, and the nature of Distal’s music make it more than just fodder for the dancehall. Nonetheless, you’ll sure-as-shit be hearing this behemoth EP at parties across the globe when it drops this spring. Indeed with a whole heap of 12″s set to drop this year, we are pretty confident Distal is going to be all up in everyones grill by 2012.