Mr Mitch

Mr. Mitch, a 23 year old producer from south-east London has been producing music since the age of 12. For many years doing it nothing more than for his own enjoyment. Influenced by many styles, but always having his heart firmly placed within grime and garage music.

Mr. Mitch is an extremely versatile producer aiming to push the boundaries of grime. His style ranges from hard edged hype grime to deep and soulful music that leaves its listeners questioning its genre. Producing tracks used by some of grimes elite Mc’s (Trim, Skepta, Riko to name a few) as well as championing new grime producers on his label Gobstopper Records, Mr. Mitch sets out to change to face of grime.

He’s also a talented video maker, go check his youtube channel if you dont believe.



Abstract dance music is alive and well in Kentucky courtesy of Milyoo aka Tommy Wilson. Fast becoming the underground’s 17th most prolific producer, Milyoo has captured both hearts and minds with a consistently reliable yet unpredictable brew of deep and funky electronic jams. This unique style has garnered nods from some of electronic music’s most celebrated taste-makers, while his debut on Opit Records was chosen as one of Boomkat’s Top 100 Singles of 2010. Building on this success (and a plan to read dozens of self-help books), Milyoo looks poised to make big moves in the coming years.


Themework – Cold Busted Records×300.jpg
Dasein – Opit Records –
Kazaduon – Saigon Recordings –
Biogram v2 – West Norwood Cassette Library –
Archaeology – Opit Records –
Classic – Night Audio –


Having spent his youth in various bands xxxy finally decided to hang up his guitar and mic and began producing electronic music fuelled by his love at the time of drum and bass and techno. Through the influential record shop Pelikan Neck he picked up on the early forms of dubstep and began focusing his productions on bass heavy garage influenced tracks. This led to his first release as “forensix (…mcr)” on Revolution music in 2006 with one of his first productions.

After the release of his first record, he took a break to tighten up his production. He came back in 2009 as xxxy which led to the releases of “Reflections ep” on the influential Manchester label Mindset and “Science Fiction/651” on Formant Recordings. By late 2009 he had begun to become more and more influenced by house music which had begun to take up a much larger section of his record collection.

2010 saw the release of a split of the very well received 12” on Infrasonics. Comprised of the Baltimore influenced “Blue Flashing Lights” and the Funky Roller “Know You” which was included in FACT magazine’s tunes of 2010 list.

Later in 2010 he released the critically acclaimed garage influenced ep “Every Step Forward” for us.

The January 2011 release of “You Always Start it/Ordinary Things” on Ten Thousand Yen increased xxxy’s burgeoning reputation with Pitchfork picking “ordinary things” as it’s best new tune of the day “What’s so special about “Ordinary Things” isn’t its parts, though, but how impeccably they are put together…This rush comes complete with a joyous “Whoo!” sample to let you know that, yeah, while you’re getting the chills, this is still body-moving music.”

2011 saw releases on Orca, Well Rounded, Infrasonics & All City together with Remixes for Tri Angle and the Count & Sinden.

As a DJ xxxy has produced well received mixes for FACT, BBQ & URB as well as playing dates all over the UK and Europe, and is currently touring the USA

King Thing

The ethos of 27 year old KingThing is to constantly evolve his sound so that no listener will expect the same type of tune each time they hear one of his tracks – to be “king of no thing”, if you will. Ranging from swing tinged garage-esque beats all the way through to gnarly electro & techno leaning thumpers, KingThing’s worst fear is being put in a box.

After playing in bands of various types for much of his early teenage life, he became more and more intrigued by the nature of electronic music. Initially attracted by the fact that he was effectively “the band” on his own, the sounds and vibes that could be garnered from dance music were pointedly different to that of any previous ensembles he had been a part of. This new found love encouraged him to put the guitar to one side and immerse himself in anything electronic through a friendship group that were already that way inclined, which was initially breaks, acid techno, miami bass electro and a bit of drum ‘n’ bass.

In 2006 he moved to Leeds, and swayed back into the band world, culminating in a couple of slots at Glastonbury and supporting Florence & the Machines. However, living in Leeds and with all the bass heavy influences that came with the city, it wasn’t long before he was back on the beats, which eventually resulted in setting up Night Audio with housemate Submerse. The purpose of this was to try and create a medium of output for the abundance of garage and 2-step which had started to appear on the cusp of the dubstep world.

This new found love for swing led to him amalgamating the more techy aspects of his sound with the 2-step beat, and this resulted in Berlin-based Furioso releasing the Radiobeach EP, one of the tracks being featured in Sully’s FACT mix. This put KingThing into the minds of bass music world, leading to relatively new label Fortified Audio releasing the Mad Hatter EP in 2010, his first release on vinyl. This received support from prominent figures in the UK scene such as Jackmaster, Geiom, and Spatial, and resulted in shows around Europe & the UK. His sets have received acclaim for their variety and tune selection, never sticking to one specific genre.

Jamie Grind

Jamie Grind, is quickly becoming a known name on the circuit and tipped as a definite one-to-watch, crafting his own unique blend of electronic music drawing influence from classic house and UK garage. He stays true to the old school sound blending elements of hip hop and rnb into his productions, and behind the decks keeping the pace rolling, switching styles and directions to keep the crowd moving.

His ‘Footwork’ EP, released early in 2011, defined his sound as an artist and found itself into many top DJ’s charts and playlists, receiving support from the likes of Ben UFO, Rob Da Bank, 2562, Todd Edwards, Braiden, Roska, XLR8R and more. Having already released records on Infrasonics, Wall of Sound and Fortified Audio, and with plenty more releases in store, 2012 is set to be a defining year for Jamie Grind both musically and as a DJ.

- Influences include Low Deep, Todd Edwards, 2562, Karizma, Fabrice Lig, Theo Parish, Dem2, Dilla, 9th Wonder
- What you can expect to hear – detroit strings, chopped n screwed rnb vocal edits, pitch bent synths tied up in shuffled 2step and UKG rhythmic patterns


Hailing from Cheshire, Submerse is an esteemed DJ/producer with a distinct and recognisable sound that traverses two-step, garage, ambient and Drum and Bass whilst being punctuated by a myriad of unique and personal influences. The past two years have seen him at his most prolific, releasing tracks/remixes with Med School, R&S’s sister label Apollo, Ministry Of Sound and Sony Music. Also EPs on Maltine Records (Japan), Frijsfo Beats, Fortified Audio and Well Rounded. He’s had tracks featured by Pioneer Japan on some of there latest equipment and sponsorship from Terratag Clothing. Submerse was also named ‘Band Of The Week’ In The Guardian newspaper.

Amidst a plenitude of productions, 2011 also saw support emerge from influential media titans such as DJ Mag, XLR8R, Big Up, BBC Radio 1 and Ministry Of Sound Radio with him playing and hosting the Essential Garage Show more than once on the latter.

Submerse – Hold It Down (Well Rounded) 2010
Submerse – Always Like This (Med School) 2012
Submerse – This Time You’re Not Wrong (Hospital Records) 2012
Submerse – They Always Come Back EP (Apollo Records)


From Oltorf to Parmer, from Zilker Park to Balcones Woods, Austin’s VVV makes 2-step from the heart. Born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in Texas, USA, Shawhin Izaddoost first started making garage and house beats in 2003, on a computer in a recording studio office. Combining a variety of field recordings and sample editing formulas to form ambient, texture-laced beats, these musical ‘tests’ became a nightly tradition. VVV found himself spending odd hours of the day tweaking sounds and arranging shuffling rhythms for what would become his debut EP on Fortified Audio. Designed for clubbers and headphone listeners worldwide, VVV’s music betrays a deep love of experimental music in all its forms, and takes in a huge range of influences – from Arvo Pärt and Karlheinz Stockhausen to The Stooges and The Fall, from Sun Ra and Ornette Coleman to El-B and Burial.

12″ Projects EP on Fortified Audio (2010)
10″(red) Single on Tube 10 (2010)
2xLP Across the Sea on Fortified Audio (2011)


Our first release of 2012 has Seattle veteran 214 merging his classic electro style with current UK bass flavours to create a tantalising 4 track ep to wreck dancefloors and is already receiving support from Boddika, Girl Unit, Addison Groove, Bok Bok , Braiden, Dexter, Patrick Pulsinger, Speedy J and Appleblim.

To sit at a table set with the sounds of 214(twofourteen) is to be served Hungry-man portions of honey-buttered electro beats, side dishes of synth-line treats, and dollops of IDM-get-down. Like most musicians, Chris Roman’s path is rooted in a veritable melting pot of sounds. Some of the influences are obvious. Others not so much so.

His Puerto Rican birthright and Miami upbringing ring apparent when he’s pumping out sci-fi roller disco sounds, but when his vibe turns to the cold dark comfort of Detroit-esque minimal mind funk, it would seem this man forgets from whence he came. It’s a memory lapse that sounds like a lapdance in the side room of a space ship. More importantly, it’s a memory lapse that works. It’s not so much a lapse then as a love of diversity, a creative finesse with a variety of good tastes.

214 effortlessly blends lush Latin roots with robo-transformer trips, always maintaining a skillful balance between the nasty, the not-right, the cold, hard, and just-right — all at the same time. He’s got plenty of tricks up his proverbial record sleeve. And he’s been pulling them out for years now.

Wherever you can find it, count on 214 for premium blend electro and assorted savory flavors from the future.



For ELIM009 we bring you a very special EP from Atlantan live wire Distal. Making his mark on the current underground scene with tracks such as “Grape Donut”, as featured on the Soul Jazz compilation Future Bass, the monstrous Crunk/Footwork mashup “Coke Bottle” on Grizzly, not to mention a plethora of top quality online mixes, his always quality Embassy label and bringing the cream of bass talent to his Sub Traction nights in Atlanta.

Distal brings more of his trademark melting-pot aesthetic to his first full EP 12″ for Fortified Audio. Squeezing the last 20 years of underground club music through his unique filter for “Android Tourism”, fusing together the percussion of classic Carl Craig/ Derrick May, the dark bass and lush melodies of Blue Note era Metalheadz and the tight production of Artwork with the energy and freshness of new hybrid genres ala Future Garage, UK Funky and Footwork. Although Distal’s productions are at their best when played through a serious soundsystem, little is lost in the transition to home speaker system or headphones, and the nature of Distal’s music make it more than just fodder for the dancehall. Nonetheless, you’ll sure-as-shit be hearing this behemoth EP at parties across the globe when it drops this spring. Indeed with a whole heap of 12″s set to drop this year, we are pretty confident Distal is going to be all up in everyones grill by 2012.



Slovenia born and raised Maya Medvesek, known by the artist name of Nightwave is a London based Producer, DJ & Vocalist. In addition to her experiences as an alternative medicine practitioner, body double for Penelope Cruz, motion capture actor in the ʻDJ Heroʼ video game franchise, journalist, and Slovenian Judo champion, Nightwave somehow finds time to put out records. 2011 saw Maya drop the former artist name of 8Bitch which kick started her musical career and is now currently working under the more radio & pr friendly title of, Nightwave.

Music is quite literally in Mayaʼs blood as her Father, a successful recording artist and musician in his own right with a sideline in running Nightclubs and a strip joint, can be accountable for Mayaʼs penchant for a dark room and a repetitive beat. Maya was classically trained from just five years old but didn’t start producing electronic music until she was 14 when her Father gave her some of his music gear cast off’s. Many a night has been spent sneaking out to clubs and completing homework in toilet cubicles and her nocturnal persona can be heard evidently throughout her production.

Her releases on Svetlana Industries & Seed records, as well as Ministry of Sound’s ‘Adventures in Dubstep & Beyond’ & the Cassie Tribute album ‘Skydiver’ out on Local Action Records either as Nightwave or her retired moniker 8bitch, have garnered her international acclaim for a forward-thinking combination of Chicago juke, UK bass, grime & 80s funk.

Maya fuses years of producing experience with a keen ear and a sound respect for an array of styles & has established herself as a truly innovative and exciting producer with a clear vision for pushing boundaries & not conforming to stereotypes but above all producing forward thinking electronic music.

Having supported artists like Rusko, Anthony Shake Shakir, MNDR, Dopplereffekt and Death Grips, appearing at festivals such as Outlook & Exit and guesting on Rustie’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Glass Swords’, as well as recently taking part in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, not to mention releasing records that have had tastemakers citing her as a hotly tipped producer to watch out for, itʼs no secret that 2011 has been an extremely busy year for Maya.

The end of 2011 saw two releases drop, one for the acclaimed UTTU label and another with Fortified Audio, accompanied by some very intriguing videos. 2012 is already set to be a big one and you could do worse than to look out for Nightwaveʼs next night heat.


In the Moog for love – Svetlana Industries (8Bitch)

G41 – Slit Jockey / Ministry of Sound (8Bitch)

U&Me – Local Action (8Bitch)

Glass Diamonds – RX TX (8Bitch)

Equinox EP – Seed Records (8Bitch)

Hokusai Dreams – Nihon Kizuna Rhythm Incursions

The Feel EP – Svetlana Industries (Nightwave)

Surph – Rustie LP Warp (Nightwave)

Night Heat EP – Unknown To The Unknown (Nightwave)

Festivus EP – Fortified Audio (Nightwave)

Vocals For: Rustie, Dense & Pika, Glimpse


Terror Danjah, Dam Mantle, Piece of shh, Sleepyhead,
Drums of Death, My Panda Shall Fly, Sleeps in Oysters